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RS Nolan, Ph.D.
Futurist-Biologist-Writer-Personal Trainer
New-Humans Incorporeal

RS Nolan

...inventor of the Leg Mother and Spirit/Body Sculpting Stick

Contact Dr, Ron S. Nolan at
(831) 688-3158


The New-Humans Fitness Program Philosophy

Our physical bodies are enormously complex processing, power and fabrication plants whose function is based upon the proper flow of information. And like any computer system, the program that directs our metabolic systems is subject to errors and viruses. However, it is my belief that through conscious effort, we can reprogram our operating systems to function properly and "Live Long and Prosper."

We specialize in helping teens and adults lose weight with a fun and enjoyable exercise program that is highly suited for seniors too!

Ron S. Nolan, Ph.D.

(831) 688-3158

New-Humans PowerSpot Workout

New-Humans PowerSpot Workout is focused on burning belly fat using a combination of cardio and abdominal exercises, The sessions are conducted personally by Ron S. Nolan, Ph.D,, developer of the New-Humans Fitness Program and are based outdoors in beautiful Sea Cliff Beach State Park in Aptos, CA. 

Our Mobile Fitness Center at the top of the stairs at Sea Cliff Beach in Aptos, California

Location and Hours

SeaCliff Beach, State Park
 Aptos, CA 95003

We conduct one-on-one sessions at SeaCliff Beach State Park, Aptos, CA 95003 with convenient restrooms, free parking and  park access. We only have a few slots available. Please contact me to reserve your time at your earliest convenient.  I am only taking on a few students at this time.

Part 1. PowerSpot Cardio ComponentTM--the Stairs and Grade at SeaCliff Beach

Stair-climbing is one of the highest calorie-burning exercises, which can expend up to 700 calories per hour.

151 steps!
80 feet elevation!
convenient rest areas with bench seats
walk or run!
enjoy the spectacular view of Monterey Bay!

Part 2. Abdominal Body Sculpting Component
Power sets.  Instead of standing at the top of the stairs catching your breath like most stair climbers, your custom-designed program will include  a range of stick twists, abdominal crunches and leg lifts based  using a sturdy weight bench as a foundation.

The AB Component focuses on body sculpting away belly fat while the Cardio component burns all calories system-wide.

You will be using a New-Humans Spirit/Body Stick.  Your specific routine will be custom-designed, but you can see some of the exercises in our

Stick Exercise Library

You will be able to workout with the newly developed New-Humans Exercise Stick which converts from a twist to a power stick in seconds.

If you are into strength building, we have a great set of variable weight dumbbells that offer a variety of exercises. Your custom program will alternate dumbbell work with the AB and Cardio Components.

Diet Program

We will work with you to find a diet that you can stick with.  Spinach, avocados, and tomatoes with extra virgin olive oil is one of our favorites. 

Motivational Program

every workout is looked forward to
every steep step is enjoyed
each stick twist is pleasurable
every meal is delicious
 my body is as light as my thoughts


About Ron S. Nolan, Ph.D.

I have a research background with two degrees in the biological sciences from the University of Kansas (B.S. in Zoology) and the University of California, San Diego (Ph.D. in Marine Biology) and I am the founder of New-Humans Incorporeal and inventor of the "Spirit/Body Sculpting Exercise Stick" and the "Leg Mother Bench that Warms the Legs and the Heart."

Like many of us, I have endured an alternating cycle of gaining and then losing weight--and like many experts pronounce, a major "life style" change was needed to break the chain. I share many of my new insights and techniques in the
New-Humans Metamorphosis Club which is currently free to the public.

I am confident that the New-Humans Fitness Program is effective because I lost 75 pounds and feel wonderful.

Humankind is on the brink of discovery about the most essential aspect of life, its preservation.  Radical, fast-incubating, new advances in technology are bound to lead to dramatic increases in human longevity.

We just need to become and stay as fit as possible to relish the wonderful experience of being alive, happy and healthy. 

Ron S Nolan, Ph.D.

Aptos, California

RS Nolan

& Personal Trainer

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...featuring PowerBlock gear and our own line of exercise sticks.

Mobile Gym Store


After over a year of research, we are putting the finishing touches on our New-Humans Fitness Program—a guide to losing weight and promoting health to reach the Singularity. If you would like to receive a complimentary copy, simply click the image above or send an e-mail to fitness@new-humans.com Please type "plan" into the subject line. We will send you the New-Humans Fitness Program as well as updates about new exercise and gym products as soon as they become available . Any comments you have are welcome and please add them into the body of the message. I look forward to hearing from you.

Ron S. Nolan, Ph.D. New-Humans Founder

New-Humans Training
Mission Statement

Our mission is to assist individuals lose weight with a fun and enjoyable diet, motivation and exercise program that will be life-lasting and promote good health to reach the Singularity..
by exercising our body,
we connect with our spirit

by exercising our spirit,
we connect with our body

Big Toe Buddha

New-Humans Mission Statement

The Spirit/Body Sculpting Stick is the Centerpiece of the New-Humans Fitness Program

Fast Fibers Stick Twist Exercises

Stick exercises form an excellent foundation to alternate with stair climbing and weight lifting. For example, I alternate sets of standing and seated stick twists with abdominal crunches and leg lifts.  Then I rotate the ab-work package with body sculpting workouts, running and stair climbing.

Program Fees

Single Session $75
10 Session Package $600
20 Session Package $1,000

Summer Special
25% Off
Hurry, slots are limited.

No charge for initial consultation. Fees are based on single student and a 60 minute session)

Couples and Seniors
are Welcome

Sign Up Now!

Dr, Ron S. Nolan
(831) 688-3158


Or...if you are not interested in stair climbing, you may prefer to walk or run/jog the less steep sidewalk that descends down to the beach.

Add ankle weights for some serious legwork!

Pros and Cons of a Daily Spinach Diet

by Dr. Ron S. Nolan

Here are some ideas for you to consider

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Reprogramming the Human Operating System
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Big Toe Buddha Featured as a "Health Hero"

Although I provide all of the equipment needed for client sessions, you may also wish to set up your own gym at home.

Stay Fit No Matter Where You May Roam with a Gym You Can Carry in One Hand.

Travel Bench

PowerBlock Dumbbells

Compact Weight Stand