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New-Humans GearTM

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Stick Twist Exercises Burn Fat Fast!

Stay Fit No Matter
Where you May Roam!

AquaBells--Leg Weights

benches and dumbbells...perfect for the home, RV or office!

AquaBells--dumbbells for travelers

Leg Mother BenchTM

Leg Mother Bench that
Warms the Legs and the Heart.

Fits under workstations,
includes high intensity heating pad.

This is a perfect top for the
New-Humans Fitness Program

Available from size Small to XXL
Your order will be shipped direct
from Customized Girl.

($37.49 for XXL)
including US Ground Shipping

Your purchase will be made on PayPal's SECURE website!

(note: payment will be made via PayPal to
our Solar Metro Online account.

International orders, please contact
nolan@new-humans.com for shipping.

New-Humans Spirit/Body Cap
                                    Embroidered Baseball Cap

Only $19.95!
(plus shippinp direct from Zazzle)

Only $19.95!
(plus shippinp direct from Zazzle)

Our RV Gym Store offers
a selection of exercise equipment
for campers and travelers.
Stay fit while you camp!

Our Mobile Gym Store offers
a selection of exercise gear
designed for Personal Trainers
and home gyms..

Our special Amazon Store features many items  of special interest to New-Humans.

All transactions take place on
Amazon's secure website.

And how about about  a psychic espionage Sci-Fi
thriller to read on Kindle while you are relaxing?

Now available as a Kindle Book on Amazon.

New-Humans Mission Statement

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