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Exercise Stick Workout

Assembly Tips

Adding the end pieces is easy if you place one end down and screw on an end piece.  To use the resistance bands, detach the end pieces and add the connectors.


Adjust the end piece rings just enough so that both align vertically.The couplers and snap hooks all become smoother acting with use. The N-HES includes five resistance bands.
Yellow = 2-4 lbs
Blue = 4-6 lbs
Green = 10-12 lbs
Black = 15-20 lbs
Red = 25-30 lbs

Bands can be added for a total resistance of 62 lbs

Adding & removing the end pieces...

The Resistance Band Kit by Black Mountain Products is included.

Adjusting the connector rings to vertical.

Even Atlas would be challenged with this band combination!

Resistance Band Anchoring
Note that many of the following recommended  exercises make use of the door anchor to secure the bands. However, for these photos, we have used rings to attach the bands to the wall.  The included ankle strap also lets you connect to a post or railing so you can
Workout Wherever You May RoamTM

Ankle Strap and Door Anchor Included.

 This is an exciting time at New-Humans because we are just touching a universe of new exercise capabilities offered by the N-HES.

Here we offer a few suggestions. If you would like to be pictured with your onw new exercise, send a photo and exercise description to Dr. Nolan.


Fat Burners &
AB Builders

Stick Twist Exercises

These twisting exercises use the New-Humans Exercise Stick (N-HES) with the two end pieces attached for maximum reach and mass.

Each basic set includes:
50 vertical
100 horizontal seated
50 vertical seated

For details, visit Exercise Stick Basics which focuses on N-HES stick workouts.

You will note that I have not included the standing horizontal twist because it seems to put too much torque on my lumbar vertebrae.

Standing Vertical Twist

Eyes straight ahead. Toes pointed in.  Abs clenched.

Seated Vertical Twist

Twists should be as fast paced as comfortable.

My daily routine starts with 50 standing verticals, 100 seated horizontals and 50 seated verticals.  

Seated Vertical Twist

Do the cycles as fast as is comfortable. Demos@
 Exercise Stick Basics

Seated Horizontal Twist

Note...they are not lunges, but quick oscillations.

I repeat this routine many times interspersed with resistance bands and PowerBlock Variable Weight Dumbbells. 

Biceps Builders

Hot Curls!

Stand on the band(s) with both feet with your back straight, elbows in and palms up. You can alternate with both hands using the N-HES or one hand at a time using the included hand grips.

(If you use a different resistance band for the hand grips, it is easy to quickly alternate between the two methods.) Tighten your abs with each lift to get max effectiveness.

If you have a sensitive back, you can also do biceps curls while seated on a bench.  The PowerBlock Travel Bench is a great companion to the N-HES.
Biceps Curls with N-HES
and Blue and Yellow Bands

Biceps Curls with Hand Grips
and Green Band

For seated work, you can temporarily shorten the resistance bands by tying a loop mid-way in the band.

TRI Press

This is a great way to strengthen you triceps.  Attach the anchor to a high position, then face the anchor with one leg forward, while using a wide grip with palms down, pull the stick downwards with your abdominal muscles tight. You may also face towards the anchor or use the hand grips for variety.

Shoulder & Chest Builders

(Single or Double)

This is a great way to strengthen your core, torso muscles. Place the anchor at mid-level and hold the bar vertically. with head facing forward  Standing upright and sidewise to the bands, rotate your torso then change to reverse position and repeat. I prefer to keep my eyes forward, however you may prefer to move your neck following the stick movement.

Atlas World Lift

This is a classic exercise for weight lifters. Place both feet on the band and lift with the palms down.  Note:  if you are very tall, you might want to join two bands together to make a less difficult lift.  Just put your right foot on one band and your left foot on the other band.

Gravity Pull Down

Place the anchor high and with a wide grip with elbows locked pull the N-HES to waist level.

This exercise can also be done with hand grips and combined or alternating strokes.

Gravity Pull Down Start

Gravity Pull Down Seated

Gravity Pull Down Finish

Gravity Pull Down Hand Grips

Torso Core Builders

Earth Mover

Place the anchor high or medium depending upon your height and comfort facing away from the anchor. Alternately shift a leg forward with each press.

Earth Movers can be done with eight the N-HES or hand grips. This is a highly recommended exercise to add to your workout

Earth Mover with N-HES Start

Earth Mover with Grips Start

Earth Mover Extended

Earth Mover Grips Extended



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